$30 per person. Taxes and fees included.

Mind Factory Mission: Breathless


The transmission that arrives at Mind Factory is scrambled. Mind Factory agents decode it. They hear two words.

Help us.

The rest of the transmission is static, yelling, and a series of bizarre sounds.

Something has happened in a remote section of Colorado, inside a high security biohazard lab. There are hundreds of labs across the United States that handle dangerous biological materials. Each lab is assigned a safety level: BSL-1, BSL-2, BSL-3, or BSL-4.  

No lab with a biosafety level higher than a 4 has ever existed, according to official documentation.

According to official documentation, there is no such thing as biosafety level 5.

The unscrambled transmission that arrives at Mind Factory carries a tag with it: Unknown Entity. BSL-5.

# of Agents


time limit

60 minutes

skill level


Mission objective

You, as a Mind Factory agent, must infiltrate the lab, figure out what happened inside, and isolate any threat to the outside world. But act fast. Time is running out. Accept this mission before it’s too late.