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Rated pg-13

Mind Factory Mission: Invasion


Mind Factory agents have traced the entity known as Evo to an abandoned factory in Connecticut.

Now Evo has a partner: Former White Horse Industries scientist Jane Ryan. Ryan is infected with a deadly supernatural entity known only as…The Spore.

What are Evo and Ryan working on? And why is Evo obsessed with something called Id?

Dozens of questions remain unanswered, but one is most pressing of all: What is Bad Earth?

Mind Factory – and the people of Fairport – need your help.

Your mission may lead you into the darkest recesses of Evo’s past…or his future.

And be warned: This mission contains scares, some themes that may not be suitable for children, and one very large demon.

# of Agents


time limit

60 minutes

skill level


Mission objective

Enter the factory. Recover The Invader’s Key.

And, if at all possible, weaken the entity known as Id. Evo has grown stronger, and his powers threaten to open a doorway between a dark dimension and this one…